MOVIE REVIEW: Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye

It’s not every day that you watch a film and it stays with you even after you have exited the theatre. The recently released Gujarati film Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye is one such movie. Amidst the storm of the Padmavat controversy and the success of Tiger Zinda Hai, this regional film has definitely made its mark.

Initiating with a monologue, the movie gives you a feeling of a play. The story is simple enough but is deep in its meaning and undertones. Directed by Dipesh Shah, the film has some very realistic characters which we can find in any household.

The story initiates with a happy rich joint family engaged in their regular chores. The tale takes a turn when the clan comes to know that they have made huge losses and in order to save their comforts they might have to declare bankruptcy. Things take a turn when the young minds of the house take matters into their own hands and argue how the decisions of their so-called elders are wrong. This debate between right and wrong, modern values and traditional sentiments takes an interesting turn. The decision making argument in the film is a message in itself and in due course makes you aware of how our thinking and shortcomings affect our lives.

With no dramatic background scores and hardly any location, this film still manages to convey its message effectively. It basically tries to understand the psyche of an individual.

Actors Krishna Bhardwaj (as Dev), Dharmendra Gohil (as Vasant) and Hemen Chauhan (as Viren) impress you to the fullest with their lasting performances.

It can be rightly said that the simplicity of the storyline is the beauty of this film and its effective narration adds to its charm. Go for this film and you will surely gain a new perspective.

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