Book Review: Black Friday | S.Hussain Zaidi

Genre: Non-fiction Gist: A true account of the disastrous 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. Review: When a book is written by a senior crime beat journalist you can expect more than just nerve-wracking writing. Black Friday written by Hussain Zaidi was on my to-read list and I finally decided to give this one my undivided... Continue Reading →

Interesting Ways To Help You Get Back To Reading!

Many people these days complain about how they used to be dedicated readers once upon a time. However, with the increase in working hours and growth of social media, reading without distraction is a tough task. Majority of us have experienced this slump in reading. Well, it can be rightly said that even the massive... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: OMERTA

Hansal Mehta’s latest release Omerta starring Rajkummar Rao is a crime-drama showcasing the life of terrorist Omar Saeed Shaikh. The film starts off with a glimpse of Omar’s upbringing and the way an educated, well-read individual gets drawn to the path of terror. Rajkummar who is known for his finesse has done all the justice... Continue Reading →

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